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UK’s Fastest-Growing 
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Quality Removals is your London moving company for your valuable cargo. We are the UK's fastest-growing removal company serving 100+ satisfied individuals and companies for more than a decade.
Fully insured removal services.
Domestic and international transport services.
Comprehensive domestic and corporate removals.
Trained Professionals who will keep your valuables safe.
Excellent online customer service team.
We make it easy for you to avail our services: We accept credit, debit, cash-on-hand, bank transfer, and paypal payments!

Our Removals Services

Working with Quality Removals gives you different options for whatever you need to be transported. Whether you need domestic or international transport services, comprehensive national and international removals, or even relocation of companies and individuals, we can do it for you!
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Why choose us for your moving needs?

Why choose Quality Removals over any other removal company here in London?
  • We are a fully-insured removals services provider.
    Our facilities, equipment, vehicles, and employees are fully covered. This insurance also protects your precious items such as antiques and production equipment giving you peace of mind every time you engage in our service.

  • We have been in business since 2011.
    We are a reputable moving company who are constantly working to improve our services and add offers that benefit the customer. Plus, we continuously upskill our people to make our removal service even better.

  • We offer both domestic and international transport services.
    Whether you need help with London removals or bringing your possessions to a different country, we can help.

  • We offer affordable moving options.
    We'll take a look at what you need and give you a quote that's appropriate to your requirements.

  • Lastly, we make sure that our customer service is top-notch.
    We don't just move and remove your items. We also make sure to talk to you, get to know you, give you recommendations on how to protect your things, and so on. We're more than service providers - we build relationships!

We Provide Professional and Experienced Moving Services in London.

We cater to both individual and corporate orders. Since our inception in 2011, we have continuously expanded our offerings to include both domestic and international routes, as well as upskilling our experienced drivers. When you work with Quality Removals, you can expect high-quality service.

This is why our customers recommend us time and time again - and why we're the UK's Fastest Growing Logistics Company! Experience only the best customer service with a smile from every single one of our staff members - it’s our passion to help you with all your moving needs!

What Our Clients Say About Us

This company is responsive, timely, efficient & fantastic value for money. I have been very happy with both the service and price. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for removals or moving now that I’ve found and tested them. They deliver the best service & value.

Helped me with a full one bedroom flat on the second floor without any complaints or additional costs. Very happy with everything.

Nebta Bashier

Marcus and Kingsley were so helpful and done an excellent job. They even managed to get my old sofa out without damaging my newly painted walls, and kindly helped set up my new sofas. Not only were they helpful with removals, but also had good eyes for organisation. Work very quickly and smoothly too. You will not be disappointed.

Valerie O

These guys are LOVELY. They were relaxed, patient as I still hadn't finished packing and very understanding. Made my move really straight forward. Travelled up with them in their van and they even bought me a bottle of water on the way. Would definitely use them again.

Ajianna Olaofe

Our Process

We take the time to analyze what you need, right down to the littlest things. Our focus on detail allows us to give you a stress-free, reliable, and friendly experience that exceeds your expectations.


Call us and book with the help of our  support team. OR Fill up the booking form with what you need. 


Once we arrive, we’ll start expertly loading your items, ensuring each item is safe and secure.


Upon arrival, each item is carefully placed where you want it. Then dispose of packing materials once we are done (if packing services are required).
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Contact us today for trusted, friendly, and professional London removals.

We at Quality Removals understand that when you're moving items for your home or your business in London, it's important to have someone reliable to help you out. With over a decade of experience, you don't need to look further.

You won't go wrong with our removals service. That's a guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you help with packing and unpacking?

Of course! When you fill up the booking form, just request for the packing materials and assistance.

Are my valuables safe throughout the removal provess?

Here at Quality Removals, we value the safety of your belongings so we took the extra step that fully insures your valuables while they are in our care.

Are same day booking and move at all possible?

As long as we have the availability to cater to you that day, then we can accommodate you. So yes it is possible based on availability.

Do you do unwanted items removal?

Yes we do! Just specify this in the booking forms and we'll take care of it for you.

Do you also do End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Yes we do. But before we can help with this. the property has to be emptied of personal belongings first.

How much do removals cost in London?

The cost for removals in London will vary on plenty of factors, such as where you're coming from, what you're transporting, and what vehicle will be needed to fulfill that request. Contact us at Quality Removals today to get a quote within 24 hours.

When should you book removals in the UK?

The ideal time to book a removal company is about 4-6 weeks before the move date. However, this is only a guideline. You can also arrange your move at the last minute or much further in advance if necessary.

Do you do small item removals?

Quality Removals can service item removals in London, whether they're big or small. We have plenty of affordable moving options. Contact us today to know what service suits you best.

Ready to move?

It only takes one click to get your move scheduled and taken care of on your chosen date (based on team availability).
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